In Memoriam

Irene S. (2021)

Erlinda L. (2021)

Sandra S. (2021)


The Rt. Rev. Donald A. Ashman, Bishop
Bishop Ordinary of the Diocese of the Western States

The Rev. Fr. O. Barrios, Vicar
Saint Mary the Virgin Anglican Church

Mr. A. Svidal, Senior Warden

Saint Mary's Staff and Church Resources

"Peace be with you; as the Father has sent me, I also send you." Luke 20:21


1928 BCP

If you're not familiar with the 1928 Book of Common Prayer used by the APCK, UECNA, and ACC, the following websites have PDF and HTML formats, and where you can purchase it.

​ (ACC publications)

1940 Hymnal

This link will provide access to the beloved original texts and music of the Anglican church through the ages.

The Saints of the Anglican Church

Despite the excesses of the English Reformation, the people of Britain have always maintained a deep respect and attachments to the saints of the early Christian Church in England. The link below will provide access to biographies of many of these saints whom the Christian faith was firmly rooted in Britain. (search: lists of saints then look for English)

APCK Publishing House

Educational materials, biographies, histories, and more.